Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Update with Me

This past weekend was the Ithaca Festival.  Stacey and I went on Saturday.  We took in a few of the live acts which were great.

Dancing + Drums + Vibrant Dance Outfits.  It looked great!  A lot of fun.  Stacey and I both agreed that if we lived in Ithaca, we would do this.  It's looked like Zumba at 78RPM, but without the feeling you're doing it in an attempt to avoid admitting you're too old to be doing it.  Aerobics + Art & Culture - Mediocrity.  Plus, the instructor Nana Amin was funny.  I like funny people.  Unfortunately I wasn't in a position to take photos.

Great rock band.  Really liked them.  Might even put them in my wine-trail mystery novel.  Didn't get pics because we were too busy enjoying the music, discussing which members we'd be personal groupies for (don't kid yourself --- all women do this!), and watching the drunks guys trying to start a mosh pit.  On concrete.  Unfortunately we didn't get to stay to watch one of them get hauled off in an ambulance, because we had to go see...

June is the instructor that Stacey and I took classes from last year.  We love her!  She's short and beautiful and just the sweetest thing!  We learned so much from her in a short time.  Her dancers were fantastic!  The costumes were to-die-for!  I did manage a few pictures here.  Nothing spectacular.  The camera phone was being pissy.

That's June!

June remembered us and wants us to come back.  We want to come back too!  Maybe in the Fall.  It's just not in the budget right now.  If we could get enough people, we might be able to convince her to come do a class in Auburn.  Unfortunately most people are all talk and no action.  "I'd love to do it!!" and then they don't show.  Erf.  But it was great to see the troupe!!!  

The crafters were amazing also.  Ran into my good friend Candy Lucas.  She's a mega-talented collage artist from Auburn.  We also found our new most favorite jewelry maker!!!  M&M Links.  Their website isn't up yet, but she said soon.  We got some necklaces that are just amazing!!!  It was hard to pick one out because everything was gorgeous!

We also found a couple shops in the Commons that we fell in love with.  The Free Trade shop had great jewelry, scarves, and handbags.  And there's a F.Oliver's store too!  They make flavorful oils and vinegars.  It's the latest rage that I'm into.  It's so tasty!!!

Next year we hope to see more shows and maybe eat there was well.  The array of food vendors was amazing!  Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Indian, Mexican, etc...  We hadn't planned to eat there and didn't really have much time to, which is just as well as we'd never be able to pick out just one.

We did manage to find the wine and beer gardens though.  No problem there!  HA!