Friday, June 15, 2012

Judy's Tat

Judy, one of my best buds and co-worker who sits next to me, has a tattoo on her left leg of a heart with some flowers.  Across the heart is a blank banner.  I asked her today why it was blank.  She explained that at the time (20 years ago) she didn't know what she wanted in it.  She thought about putting her boyfriend's name in it, but then they broke up.  Then she thought about putting her son's name in it, but then she had more kids.  She's definitely not putting her husband's name in it.

So I grabbed a ball-point pen and added my own ink to it.

Now Judy's my byotch for 24-hours.  We're thinking about charging people a buck to write their name in her tattoo.  We'll donate the money to diabeetus.