Monday, June 4, 2012

Treadmill Music Playlist

Monday thru Friday I'm on the treadmill before work for 30 min.  I mostly walk with a little bit of running.

Here's the current music playlist on my phone.

I run during #3, 5, 7.  The selections in between these are meant to be fun and keep me walking.  #1 and 10 I made myself by cutting down other tracks.  It's just warm-up/cool-down filler anyway.  But it works.  In fact, it all works a lot better than I expected.

My sister Amy and I are huge fans of Epic Theatrical Music.  The type of stuff used in movie trailers, huge battlescenes, video game commercials.  She's been feeding me a lot of great tracks lately, so I imagine I'll be able to create some killer playlists to walk/run to.  I'm ready to do more.  I'm not pressing it though.  I'll do what I enjoy.

It helps that I'm writing a novel in which the heroine works for a gaming software company.  I listen to the music and imagine she's at a work meeting to discuss the game their currently developing.  Of course none of this is really in the book.  Because that's boring work.  But it helps to build the fictional world in my mind.  And out of that comes my best writing.  When I'm just sitting around talking about the normal stuff that happens my brain will suddenly throw out something funny or scary to put in a scene.  I won't kid you.  It's kind of creepy sometimes how that happens.  People ask me all the time how I come up with my ideas.  The answer is...I have no effing idea.  It just...happens.  Like I said CREEPY!

So back to the point...I like music.  A lot.  It helps me enjoy other things that I otherwise wouldn't.  Like run.