Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cards & A Couple Pics of Hot Things

I haven't had much to post this week, and I still don't.  But because my parents love to check my blog, I'm putting something up.

Next month's card swap theme is "summertime".  I really have nothing for it.  I made a card with some flowers on it and a bee.  I handmade that stupid bee and because it doesn't have antennas it kind of looks dumb.  The idea of making antennas makes me wanna stab myself in the face with a spork.  So, it stays as it.

This is supposed to be a surfboard.  It doesn't look anything like it.  The example I copied this from looked like a surfboard.  I have no idea how to fix this either.  HAHA!

My Stampin Up demonstrator Jessica had a yard sale today.  I got some pretty good buys!!!  Including a stamp set that included a surfboard.  (Mother puss bucket!!!!)

Dinner!  Stuffed red peppers in a crock pot!  Man, they smell awesome!!!  (I just included that pic to gloat about my mad cooking skills today.)

The little head feel off my musical jester figurine today.  What does it mean???
(It means I'm a clod who should look behind her to see what her fat ass is going to knock off the shelf when I turn around.  Way to overthink it, Steph!)

Well, that's about it.  Other than that I'm trying to write this book.  Lately I've been re-hashing previously written chapters and making them better.  I'm struggling with one of the characters.  I'm having problems deciding if I should convey their inner turmoil to the reader and let them in on the trauma, or keep it a secret until the end of the book.  Either way it would be a good read.  I just don't know how much "mystery" I care to keep the readers in.  It's a third-person omniscient story, so it's not all about Lyssa.  Just mostly.

Did any of that make sense?  I'm probably taking it way too seriously.  To offset that, here's a picture of Alex half-nude.

"Yo, James Bond.  Your wiretap is showing.  Don't you think you should...oh, nevermind.  You look just fine."

You're welcome.