Sunday, June 10, 2012

Motivational Video in honor of Jason


Yeah, I know.  The resolutions screwed up.  It wasn't worth another hour dicking around to correct it just to send Jason a message.   Not that he isn't worth it.   Don't read more into that than beyond the letters, spaces and punctuation please.  And don't read anything more into the video either.   It's exactly what it's supposed to be.  A message to Jason.  Which is...

WE WATCHED HOT ROD FINALLY!  Stupid movie that made me giggle 'til I peed in several places.  This was one of my faves.  Oh, and it secures in my mind that Bill Hader is a comedy god and can do no wrong.  (Yep, settin' him up for a huge fall off the mountain too.)

Although honestly, this montage is a perfect metaphor for everything I do.
"I'm awesome!  I rock!  I can take on the world!  I can dance!  Oops.  I'm fallin'.  And this is gonna hurt.  Oh, hurt a lot.  But hey!  I got another idea!"  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Ah crap.  I went there.  Sorry.  It was a funny movie though.