Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Game of Hearts" - Meet Alexander Dane

This is Alex.  He works for Markison Industries as a Security Specialist.  His current job is making sure nothing happens to pretty project manager Lyssa Winfield.  Not only would Alex take a bullet for Lyssa, he'd gladly catch anything else she threw at him.  Except the wooden spatula.  When he sees his frisky little ninja babe wielding the spatula he ducks.  She's kind of dangerous with that thing.


The story behind this photo --- I was going to give Chase, another character in the book, a goatee.  I did a google image search on "goatee" to find one I liked so I'd have a picture as a reference for describing it.  I like having pics for inspiration.  As soon as I saw this beautiful man's face on the screen I instantly gasped, "That's Alex!"

His name is Rajneesh Duggal and he's a supermodel/actor from India.  This photo has been a huge inspiration for the character Alex.  Before this, I was having a hard time picturing him.  Now it's kinda easy.