Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Projects

The three-day Memorial Day Weekend is almost at an end. I'd like to say I got everything out of it I could but I had really high expectations for myself. I did finish up a bunch of crafting projects, which is good because the dining room needs to be cleaned and reverted back into a dining room for Friday night's Grace Adele party I'm having. So excited about that!

If you don't know what Grace Adele is, you can check out the stuff at my party link. My mother's gonna be sorry she's missing this one!

Anyhoo, here's what got done...

Bridal Shower centerpieces for my friend Diana. This took the majority of my time but I wanted them done and out of my house. I friggin' burn my thumb badly making these things. I hope to never make these miserable b'tards ever again! But aren't they cute?!

I did my cards for the next card swap in June. The theme is "masculine cards." I took that to mean any card that didn't have pink in it. While it's not exactly "masculine" they're definitely not feminine. They would make a good birthday card for a boy. Notice I ran out of the black & white ribbon so I used black & white string instead.

Three scarves! Yep, I'm still making scarves. And still not wearing them. Two of these will be going to charity auctions I've been asked to donate to. I'll include cards and all other kinds of neat stuff from hobbies I've obsessed over in the past. Maybe I'll throw in a book for poops & giggles.

And finally, a bridal shower card that my co-worker Cathy requested. It's the closest I could come to her daughter's wedding gown without me sacrificing a cat to Satan.

So, other than making a Jalapeno Meatloaf (which was so dang yummy!) that's what I did with my weekend.  Hope you enjoyed your too!