Sunday, May 19, 2013

May's Card Swap

Karen hosted a Stampin' Up workshop yesterday and it was awesome! Not only did she put out a spread of food that I did not want to leave, but we made some great cards yesterday!

The theme for this month's swap was Wedding or Graduation. Here's the spectacular cards we made and swapped.

Mine - made with gold glitter letters and a bottle cap with a heart covered in Crystal Effects
Terrie - made with layered paper doilies
Christie - using felt paper and silver sponged embossed paper (I'm guessing on how you did that.)

Teena - Those are silver stamped bells which looked stunning but didn't photograph well.
Teresa - Again, gold stamped heart which also didn't photograph well.
Jessica - The only brave soul that made a graduation card! 

Stacey - A silver embossed dress. The ribbon has a circle tag with a silver embossed heart on it. That's the shiny thing you can't see.
Karen - Same dress with a tulle bottom and punched edge.
Shirley - A shower card for the bride and groom. Love that color!

I thought the inside of Stacey and Karen's card was worth a photo. Each open differently than a "traditional" card. Karen's has a vellum design tied at the top with the saying stamped on it. Stacey's was stamped in silver, which again, doesn't photograph for poop.

And these are the cards we made at the workshop. Jessica showed us how to use the SU bottle caps on the first card. This will be the second time she's shown off how to make a card using a technique I used for my swap card. It's a huge coincidence. It was fun to see how their bottle caps came out versus the ones I used, which were part of the beer making kits we buy. I use ceramic stopper growlers so I have bottle caps up the ying-yang. I'm shocked I never threw them away. Glad I didn't now!

I loved the lobster card! Not just because I love lobster. It was easy to make and in Midnight Muse blue, which is one of my fave colors.