Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Latest Card Swap

Teena is the latest card making victim. She had her first Stampin' Up workshop and even joined our card swap. She's already a die-hard, full-on, completely obsessed cardmaker! Welcome Teena!

Here are the cards from the swap at her party.

(L to R) Teena's first card - Great job!!!, Christie, Jessica, Teresa

(Back, L to R) Terrie, Karen, Shirley (Front) Stacey

Stacey's card was very unique. You pull on the flowers to reveal the card. So cool! Everyone did a great job with the Spring Flower theme. I didn't take a photo of my card because I already posted it in an earlier blog. I couldn't way.

But here's a couple cards I made a few weeks back and forgot to post. I like how they turned out.