Sunday, February 17, 2013

Card Time!

Our last card swap was at my Stampin' Up Workshop in January.  I forgot to bring my camera and I haven't gotten the pics off Drew's phone yet.  The card swap theme was One Color Cards.  Here's mine...

Hard to see, I know.  It's a white owl on a holographic embrossed tree branch with white clouds.  It's much more pretty and impressive in person.

Last Wednesday Stacey & I made Valentine's Day Cards.  I didn't need any, but I'd seen this idea online and wanted to try it.  Wish I could remember where I saw that.  I really do need to bookmark those pages.

I'm quite pleased with it.

And here's my card for the upcoming swap at Teena's house on Friday. She picked a theme of Spring Flowers.

You can't tell, but the red outline on the flower is embossed.

I shouldn't have put the card up before the party on Friday, but it took me a long time to put nine of those cards together.  I sat hunched over the table for a couple hours and ended up with a very sore back and I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.  I have no idea how, but I was in hurtin' shape!  I was having so much fun making cards though I didn't even notice.

Worth it.  :)