Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update on Book #2

I've completed the outline for the next book.  I have written quite a bit of the book so far but it's just various scenes that popped into my head and demanded attention NOW.  I still needed to secure the outline.  This morning I had a multitude of brainstorms that provided me with a complete overview of the story from beginning to end.  Up until now I'd been struggling badly with fitting all the ideas into place.  

One of the things I like to do for inspiration is to surf the internet for pictures.  I like to have visual references when writing.  Especially when I'm trying to describe things like clothing or rooms.  I try to keep my descriptions very short and to the point.  I hate it when writers go on and on with every detail and I don't want to be that way.  Having a picture keeps me focused.  

I have no idea how to describe the outfit below for Lyssa, but I love it.

And I would love to have my hero & heroine wear this to the wedding they're attending.  Again, I don't know how to put that into words but I'll do my best to keep it simple yet obvious.  If I can't, I'll shop someplace else for another dress.

Having the pictures also fuels my imagination and give me ideas for other stories.  Like the below pic.

I thought, "Well, if it isn't the Markison Security Team!  Morgan Taylor, Bill McLean (sporting some new facial hair?), Chase, Alex, and that new guy Marcus.  Lyssa hasn't met him yet."  Actually it's a picture of the Backstreet Boys.  I don't remember how I came across it.  I just click along and end up in some weird places.  But it gave me the idea briefly of putting the guys in a boy band.  Maybe when they were teenagers.  Chase, Alex, Bryan, and Bryan's younger brother, who you'll meet in Book #2. I ditched the idea though.  (At least for now!)

Additionally, you may have noticed that this blog post doesn't say Update on "Match Game".  That's because the title I originally chose for the second book in The Lyssa Winfield Mystery series has been scrapped.  I ended up changing one very important detail and now that title doesn't make any sense.  But the change was vital and for the better.  At least for this book.  It might be back for Book #4 or 7.  Not sure.  But I need a new title now.  Ugh.  Didn't care for "Match Game" for this book anyway.

This morning I was jumping around on tumblr, checking out my fave pic blogs, and I came across the below.  I just love it when I see something and it reminds me of "Game of Hearts."  It's a lovely visual of a scene that played so clearly in my head when I wrote it.  It still does when I re-read it.  I can see it all.

        He smiled down at her. “I’m still going to ask how you are.”
        “I know. And I’m fine.”
        “Not that I don’t believe you… ”
        He placed his hands on either side of her jaw and tilted her head towards him. Pressing his lips gently to her skin, he made no noise as he lightly kissed her forehead. He lowered his hands and remained standing close to her, looking down into her sparkling light gray eyes.
        “… but I like to check for myself.”

Makes me all teary.  I love my characters.

Oh, and here's a little Supernatural gif for my sister that I found while surfing.  I like it because it's funny.  I love finding this stuff.