Sunday, June 30, 2013

Various Gluten-Free Reviews

In an attempt to not *bleep* myself to death, I'm trying to go wheat-free again. My body's tolerance of wheat comes and go. Kind of like the rain here in Central New York. "Oh, look! It's a lovely, sunny day out! I think I'll get out the kayak and go for a --- oh crap, it's raining. Nevermind." 

I've tried a few different gluten-free foods in an attempt to find some faves that won't kill me. I post the reviews here mostly so I'll have a record of it. My memory is terrible.

Van's Natural Foods ~ Wheat-Gluten Free, Dairy & Egg Free Waffles
Next to no taste, but they crisped up nicely in the toaster! There's nothing nastier than floppy waffles. Blech!!! They soaked up the maple syrup well too.

Omission Beer ~ Gluten-Free Lager & Gluten-Free Ale
Excellent!!! Not only did it taste like beer, it tasted like good beer. I also love that the bottle doesn't say "gluten-free" on it anywhere. It says, "It isn't just what we took out. It's what we left in." I only know it's gluten-free because it said so on the box and it was in the "gluten-free" section in Beers of the World. (Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, there's a store in Henrietta (near Rochester, NY) called Beers of the World. I want to go there all the time. I want to hang out there and call everyone by their nicknames. I want to move in.) 

Did I finish that with the right number of parentheses? If not, here's some extra along with a couple of periods, just in case.  ( (.) )( (.) )

Redbridge ~ Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer
Not bad. It's got an interesting flavor to it. I can't described it. It's sorghummy. (I admit, I have no idea what that means. I could look it up but it's Sunday. Screw it. No one's paying me to google stuff today.) I couldn't drink a lot of them, but I wouldn't pass it up. A decent substitute in a pinch.

Baker's Choice ~ Gluten-Free Baking Mix
Drew made a fresh cherry cobbler and topped it with GF baking mix that he'd prepared and mixed in chocolate chips. OMG!!!! Amazing!!! The topping was like a biscotti. A good biscotti. Not one of the dried out, hard-as-a-rock, nasty ones. The baking mix came from Aldi's, so I'm afraid they don't have it anymore. It was one of those "BUY IT WHILE WE GOT IT!" items. I bought two at the time and am thankful for it now!

Charcoal Companion - Smoke in a Cup for Barbecue
Ok, this doesn't have a dang thing to do with Gluten-Free, but it's something new Drew tried and it's awesome, so I'm gonna talk about it. You can get these "Smoke in a Cup" tin cups that you put in your grill and it adds smoky flavor to the food you're grilling. It says charcoal on it but Drew tosses it in our gas grill and it works amazing. He put in hickory while grilling hamburgers tonight and they were the bomb! My parents also gave it two thumbs up. 

On the bottom of the Charcoal Companion there's a warning:
Sooooo, we're in NY so we're ok???? Also, what are these mysterious products and why is it only known to California? Hmm. Just makes me want to go combust some questionable wood.

UPDATE: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I just re-read that.