Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cards & Crafting

Lately I've been inundated with projects. Wedding invites, graduation decorations, bridal shower centerpieces, birthday presents, etc... While I do love doing things for my friends, who are all extremely grateful and genuinely thrilled with the results, I tend to make myself crazy. I used to be a student of the School of getting-Things-Done-At-The-Last-Minute. You know that person. Does homework the night before it's due; gets a 100. Stays up until the wee hours of the morning writing a 15-page paper that's to be handed in the next morning and still manages to get an A+. 

I can't do that anymore. It makes me insane to have an undone project. I have to do it that night. If I don't, I think about it 24/7 and get paranoid about doing it. In some ways this is good because I'm getting things done and out of my house early. No waiting until the last minute! But on the other hand it gives me anxiety attacks now. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? I mean, seriously. Dork.

I currently have NO projects that I've promised people. There's no weight on me to do anything for anyone. I do really love the projects I make. Working in my craft room at home is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. (When I'm not vacationing, eating, or having sex.) Ok, working in my craft room at home is my fourth favorite thing in the whole wide world, but it's a wonderful feeling right now that I don't have to be there. Yay! No projects!

Well, except The Great Race. Starting to regret that decision since I'm not in any kind of shape to run a 1/2 mile to the kayak. That's starting to make me nervous. (Not enough to get off my ass, you'll notice.) And my parents are coming to visit next week and the house isn't clean. (Well, as my father would say, it's good enough for them.) Need to take a couple days off work to do something cool with the rents while they're here. (I don't know what I'm doing!!!) There are still about six pictures that Drew hasn't hung yet. Been trying to get those done for three weeks. (DREEEEEW!) People are still waiting for book #2. (Pah!) 


In the meantime, here's are some cards and crafts that I was able to get done and show you.

Remember that bridal shower I did the centerpieces for? If not, see HERE. This is a little centerpiece I made for the cookie tray that Lou made for the party. She asked if I had something to decorate it with that might match the table centerpieces. This took about ten minutes to make and I thought it was adorable! As always, a lot prettier in person.

And here's the bridal shower card I made that followed the same theme. This one is actually from me to the bride & groom. Loved it!!!

Cupcake picks and gift bag tags for Julie. The occasion was her niece's Sweet 16 party. Wicked pleased with how these came out! The cupcake picks are dual-sided; the tags are not. The pink and black animal print on the cupcake picks is actually duct tape! Only $1 a sheet at ACMoore. Amazing bargain, especially as I couldn't find any paper this color.

These are cupcake picks I made for Laurie. Again, dual-sided. 35 of each color. I told her it'd only take an hour. It took two days. It's the only project I completely underestimated the time it took. It only took me an hour to make the ones for Julie though! I forgot that was only 10 picks, not 70. Doh! Still, I love the design on this one. I made it myself since I couldn't find one like this to steal swipe pirate borrow from the internet.

If you're into Halloween Seeing Things That Aren't Really There is one of the coolest websites on the web. This recipe box is based on an idea from her website. It's just something I had to make. Stacey made one too and I wish I'd gotten a picture of hers as she did it in this really cool creepy green paper that was just stunning when it was finished.

This is a birthday card for my yogini Theresa. Her sister actually commissioned this one. Tee turned 50 this past week. I hated this card when I was done with it, but in retrospect, it's actually quite nice. I sponge-painted Buddha with the colors of the chakras.

Just another dress card I made.

Yesterday was Shirley's Stampin' Up workshop. Shirley always has the "new catalog" party. It's one of the most anticipated parties of the year. She picked "masculine card" for the card swap theme.

(L to R) Christie, Stacey, Karen, Me (mine wasn't so much masculine as it was just not feminine)

(L to R) Teresa (That's an embossed deer scene that wouldn't photograph for poop), Terrie, Shirley (with a real golf tee on the front!), Jessica, and joining in on her first swap --- LAURIE!!

And these are the cards we made at the workshop. In each of the two designs, mine is the left card. I make my cards EXACTLY as Jess shows us. Drew's is on the right and he's always gotta be different.

And finally, here's the Infinity Scarf.

My "work daughter" Jessica told me about these. It's the same as the other scarves I make but the ends are joined together. I tried it out and she liked it. This one will be for her mother Nancy, who could use a present after last Friday night. (Stop fighting with the bouncers at Curley's Jess!!! You're barely over five feet tall and  you weigh about ninety pounds! You're not gonna win, you little ankle-biter!)

And finally, if I ever get bored, there's always more scarves to be made.

What color do you want???