Sunday, June 2, 2013



The response on Facebook about challengers to join in creating their own Ultimate 30 Day Challenges has been fantastic! I love when I have people to play with!

It's only Day 2, but I've decided to add something new to mix things up.


This will be something fun. Something good for the heart and soul. It won't be too difficult. Unless you think getting off your butt and doing something that probably shouldn't take more than ten minutes is too difficult. (Yes, I am referring mostly to myself there.)

Today's Bonus Challenge is something just about every home needs. Space. Space and organization. If your home doesn't, then kudos to you because that's a healthy accomplishment. Maybe help a friend organize theirs. Clutter is deadly. Have you seen Hoarders? You'll either walk away feeling better about your home or you'll have an insatiable desire to throw everything in it out. Don't wait for the Fire Code Enforcement Officer to find that dead cat carcass under a pile of newspapers from 1982. Start clearing stuff out! If you're one step away from A&E showing up at your doorstep with a camera crew, a psychotherapist, and a member of your family you haven't seen in five years who is sobbing uncontrollably for you to get help, you should probably start hauling entire rooms to the dump. Or check yourself into detox. One or the other because Intervention is on A&E too.

Um, where was I going with this? Oh yeah!

Today's Bonus Challenge --- Go to your kitchen and root out something you don't want or will never use then offer it up to a new home. I'm not talking about leftovers! (Unless it's last night's lasagna, then I am and you should bring it to me.) I'm talking about gadgets, pans and doo-hickeys. You can either post it up for grabs on Facebook or give it to someone you know would want it. Take it in to work and toss it on the "Free Table" in the office lunchroom! I often give my unused & unloved "junk" to my co-workers. Steph's Free Stuff Days are the bomb! So much fun! So go find something! You know you have something. If not, find something that really is junk and recycle it. (Then in July you can come to my Pampered Chef party and buy something new. Haha! No joke though, I am having one. Love that stuff!)

Ok. That's it. Go do something fun.

* * * * * 

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