Sunday, December 22, 2013

Craft Project: Christmas Wreath #3 plus a Bonus Wreath

Todays' wreath was a quick one. It's a side wreath.

Before I started I googled "how to make a wreath bow" and found several excellent videos on YouTube. I followed the one I was interested in making for today's wreath, and I made my bow the first time in under five minutes. So easy!

I attached it to the wreath, hot glued flowers and berries around it, and finish it off with some tulle. I added a little rope loop on the back for hanging, and voila! One Christmas wreath for my livingroom. I'm so happy with it.

I thought I'd share the below wreath with you too. I made this a couple weeks ago. My friend Teena's mother Sharon has a wreath-making shed! It's amazing! She invited me and Stacey over to make wreaths. This is the real deal! We made the entire thing. Everything from cutting up pine tree branches to form the wreath to attaching the baubles. It was so much fun!

Below is Sharon and the wreaths Stacey and I made. And yes, we do drink wine while we craft in the shed!

Thank you Teena and Sharon! I can't wait until Christmas is over so we can hit the stores for after Christmas clearance deals! Gotta start gathering the baubles for next year's wreaths!

Merry Craftmas!