Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Book Trees

I've got two Christmas Book Trees to show you. They are based on book trees that I'd seen on Pinterest. Instead of doing a complete tree, I did a half-tree and glued it to a picture frame. I finished it off with some embellishments.

Below is the first one I made, and it hangs on my wall. I used my own book "Game of Hearts." Instructions on how to fold the book can be found on Kayla Aimee's website. It's very easy. My half-trees were two sets of 30 pages, for a total of 60 folded pages.

I put a piece of cardboard with patterned scrapbook paper securely taped to it in front of the picture frame glass. The tree is hot-glued to the paper. I hot-glued greenery and berries to the bottom. The top is a flattened poinsettia flower with a silver snowflake (Stampin' Up glimmer paper with the Snow Flurry die cut) and a gold star (more Stampin' Up glimmer paper and star punch). That's it! It's quick and easy!

My girlfriend Kelly liked it so much she commissioned one for her kitchen. She loves the Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check pattern, so I created a black & white checkerboard background. I hot-glued greenery, burgundy berries, and gold sprigs to the bottom. For the top, I sewed together a circle of burgundy tulle with the same silver snowflake as mine, then a smaller snowflake that I tinted light burgundy, then the gold star on top.

Kelly loved it and it's received a lot of attention. All positive!

My only regret is I used the last 60 pages of my book for her tree (since there were no adult situations at the end of the book - hint, hint) but when I glued the two pieces to the frame, I put them together backwards. So the page in the middle is the last one with my bio. It's nearly blank and kind of sticks out. To me anyway. No one else seems to notice or care.

I will be hitting up used book sales to look for books to make more book trees for next year. Preferably older looking books without so many provocative words in it. Music books would be excellent for these too. I really like the way these came out, and I think it'll be something very unique.