Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christie's Stampin' Up Workshop

Christie had her Stampin' Up Workshop this past November. I'm just now getting around to taking pics of the cards and posting them.

The swap theme was Winter Holidays.

(L to R) Teena made tags with To: and From: on the back, Stacey made a Mrs. Claus dress card, Karen made a wreath with lots of little scallop circles. All very cute!

Christie made a red snowflake that slipped into the pocket of the card (hard to explain, very awesome in person). Laurie made the one on the top right with a snowman and a little snowflake - super cute! Terrie made the one on the bottom, which was very sparkly and embossed, and unfortunately it doesn't photograph well. Also very cute!

Then comes the blue cards! Jessica - Shirley - Teresa. I was never a fan of blue as a Christmas color until recently, and now I can't get enough of it.  Even though Shirley punched hers out backwards, it's still adorable.

And me! I had to be completely different. I made ornaments. I signed the back so they couldn't give it away without having to tape something over it. Ha!

These are the cards we made at the workshop. Just love those colors! Jessica always has such great cards for us to make, and she has the patience of a saint. I spend most of the class saying three things:
"Can I see that sales flyer?"
"I don't remember this stamp set. What page in the book is that on?"
"What are we doing now?"
Bless her big heart for putting up with us.