Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Cardmaking with Rifftrax

Made another Halloween card today!  This one a little on the creepy side.  Love it!

In the room-formerly-known-as-the-dining-room, I have a laptop setup on the far corner of the table so I can play movies while making cards.  Most of the time I play "Mystery Science Theater 3000" shows.  I have my faves --- Giant Spider Invasion, Horror at Party Beach, Deathstalker & the Warriors From Hell, Deadly Mantis, Space Mutiny, etc.  Once in a while I pick up a Rifftrax and play that.  Plan 9 From Outer Space and Night of the Living Dead crack me up every time.

Today I watched a new one.  

Oh my god.  It is without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  But Mike, Bill & Kevin at Rifftrax make it one of the funniest.

I have so many issues with the script for this terrible, terrible movie that the list is way too long.  My biggest one is that the birds mentioned in the title show up about halfway through the movie.  Now, The Mummy could get away with that strategy because of a great cast and story.  (Honestly, I could watch Brendon Fraser as Rick O'Connell just walking around for 2 hours and I'd be happy.)  If the first half of the movie was a build-up to the suspense of Birdemic, it might be forgivable.  It wasn't.  It was all about this guy trying to get into this girl's pants.  Seriously.  That's what it was about.

Even the movie knows just how badly it sucks.  It listed Tippi Hedren third in the credits.  She appeared in the movie in archive footage only.  Yep.  I bet she's thrilled about it too.

In the end, it made me laugh.  Hysterically at times.  So it served an entertainment purpose.  I will probably add it to the list of movies I like to watch while making cards.  At least until Birdemic 2: The Resurection comes out!!!  Woo hoo!!