Monday, September 3, 2012

Abingdon Boys School is back!

My fave Japanese rock band is back with a new song.  The lyrics are part English-part Japanese.  I understand zero, but that doesn't stop me from loving it and listening to it over and over again.  When someone puts out the karaoke version of the video I'll check it out and probably memorize it, like I did for their songs Howling and Innocent Sorrow.  Yeah, I even memorized the Japanese lyrics.

Why Japanese Rock?  I like just about all music.  (Exceptions: Gospel, Country w/ Twang, most Gangsta Rap & Hip-Hop, anything by Taylor Swift)  I also appreciate different people & cultures.  (Exceptions:  anyone from Assholetania or Doucheburg or Quebec)  I first heard Abingdon Boys School while watching the anime series Darker Than Black.  They did the title song.  Love it!  So, I looked 'em up and now I'm a fan of all their work.

~ Steph