Friday, October 9, 2015

This Week's Craftiness

I made some crafty goodness this week.  I've got three items to share with you.

The first is a mini-hat that I created for Miss Joanie's birthday.

I love her legless skeleton hiding in the black rose! 

Miss Joanie said she will wear it while she's working the customer service desk at Wegmans on Halloween. If you stop in, wish her a happy trick-or-treat!

There was a card party at Teresa's on Tuesday which, unfortunately, I could not attend. I already had tickets to see a show that night. I still participated in the card swap, whose theme was Male Birthday.

It's not one of my fave card themes because it generally involves nothing pink, frilly, or ribbony, but I was really pleased with my cards this time!

And finally, yet another pumpkin hat!

This one is for Julie. She bought the hat and had her daughter Abby paint it. She gave it to me, along with the ribbon, and I finished decorating it. I so much prefer when people bring me the items and just ask that I glue them all together. (And usually to my fingers... the table... the floor... ugh.)

Office "witch" and co-worker Judy decided to model it. I think it fits her perfectly!

Happy Hallowitching!