Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Secret I Can Finally Tell!!!

For weeks -- months! -- I have been keeping a secret I've been dying to share. My friend Ginny asked if I'd make invitations for a surprise party she was throwing her husband Larry to celebrate his 65th Birthday and Retirement. I jumped at the chance!

Larry owns a Harley, so we decided to go with a motorcycle theme. The bike is from a retired stamp set from Stampin' Up. The background is tin foil that's been taped to paper and run through my Big Shot using the houndstooth embossing folder, also from Stampin' Up. It came out sooooo amazing!

The inside has the details of the party along with the fact that Larry's under the impression he's coming to an anniversary party for me and Drew, who were married six years ago in Myrtle Beach and finally decided to celebrate back home with family and friends.

I even made this fake invitation and mailed it to Larry and Ginny.

It seemed like it was going to work. Only one thing could go wrong...Drew. He'd been helping Larry with their house, and last weekend they were going to install storm windows on the porch. Before he left, I grabbed Drew by the collar and threatened him. "If you slip up about the party on Friday, don't come home." He swore he wouldn't.

Well, God bless, my hubby not only kept his mouth shut about it but when Larry joked about the anniversary party on Friday, Drew went along with him perfectly.

Friday night came, and we all gathered at The Sunset. We waited for Larry to arrive, and when he did...SURPRISE!!! Oh and it was!! Somehow everyone kept it a secret. And the first thing Larry said to Drew when he saw him???

I'm gonna kill you.

It was fantastic! Apparently Larry had run into all his friends that week and no one spoiled the surprise. It was a great party, I got to make some new friends, and we enjoyed some fabulous food from The Sunset.

Shew! It's nice to be able to get that secret off my chest.