Sunday, November 4, 2012


A few years ago I wrote a 4,000 word comedic ghost story called "Red Hills." It was chosen to be included in an anthology by one of the larger small-book presses. Unfortunately the press had to cancel their anthologies due to lack of funds, so I've decided to put it out on Amazon as a free Kindle download. It'll add something to my Author credits and honestly, I really like the story and would prefer people read it than to see it sitting on my computer as a reminder of that $40 royalty check I almost got.

Even though it won't be offered in paperback, I still need a cover for Amazon.  Anyone wanna help me with that?

Here's a description of the story...

When a live teenager decides to haunt Red Hills Cemetery, George and his two best dead friends try to exorcise her from his grave.

Here's my idea for the cover...

Does anyone wants to make me a cover just to see their name on Amazon as cover designer?? Or maybe you have a photograph of a cool cemetery gate I could photoshop? Doesn't have to have the mausoleum in it.  It's just an idea.  I don't even care if it's black & white, or color, or sepia. Or you can even come up with your own design! Maybe a tombstone with a funny old skeleton peaking out from behind. Just something better than what I drew.  If you'd like to read the story for more inspiration, let me know. I'll email you a pdf copy.

(I just noticed that it looks like my iron gate has marshmallow chicks sitting on top of it. Huh. I hate those damn things.)

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Thanks, Steph