Sunday, December 7, 2014

Book Cover Reveal!!!

There she is! The cover for book #2 in The Lyssa Winfield Mystery Series. It's busy, I know. A real publisher would lose their mind if they were presented with that. I don't care. It's my books and I love the covers. I'm not focused on becoming a best-selling author. Just an author who loves her own work.

The back cover is done as well. Like the front cover, the back cover is similar to the one on the first book. I'd post it here, but the tiny writing will make you go blind. Instead, here's some inspirational pics along with the book summary from the back cover.

Lyssa Winfield

Purveyor of purses, hoarder of shoes, leader of nerds. CEO Bryan Markison’s favorite production manager in charge of his modest video game empire is a workaholic who’s recently found herself in a new relationship with the man of her daydreams. Constantly juggling work with pleasure in a valiant attempt to neglect neither her career nor her personal life, Lyssa’s magical feats of time management will be for nothing if her beau isn’t around to appreciate it. She barely has enough time to find a Halloween costume, much less squeeze in a dinner date with…

Alex Dane

The epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, this Markison Industries security specialist has just returned from a tense business trip in the Middle East and back into the arms of his sexy girlfriend in Boston. Adjusting to “normal” life isn’t easy for the covert op who is used to years of solitude. If he isn’t being inundated with late-night surveillance jobs, co-workers interrupting his invaluable private time, and nagging doubts accompanied by unreasonable fits of jealousy, then he’s having to compete for his girl’s attention with…

Sean Webber

When the recent murder of a college student is linked to online gaming activity, this Boston Police Detective reaches out to Mutation 2: Evolutionary Divide’s production manager for her assistance in solving the case. As this dashing knight in shining Armani gets closer to Alex’s princess, Lyssa finds her kingdom in turmoil. The introduction of a potential rival brings out a desperate side to Alex that makes Lyssa question if she wants to continue in this relationship.

Who is murdering the students? Who will win the battle for Lyssa’s heart? Will Simon have the expansion pack monster designs done by the deadline, or will he fail and suffer Lyssa’s wrath? And who keeps leaving crates of office supplies on Alex’s desk???

This is the second book in the Lyssa Winfield Murder Series.

This book contains adult situations and is intended for mature audiences with a good sense of humor only.