Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Scrap Cards & Some Cats

I gave myself a Saturday project. Use nothing but scrap paper, ribbon, accessories and odd sized cards & envelopes to create as many cards as I can. My goal was to use up the scrap stuff which had accumulated all over my craft room.

I made 33 cards. That's quite a bit. But it didn't do much to touch the piles.

Below is the majority of them. I stamped nothing new today. Everything on these cards I had stamped and colored previously then tossed into a drawer for use later. That later was today. I also had a number of stickers and pop-up cardboard punched words that I'd collected over the years. I decided to use some of those as well. I didn't try too incredibly hard to be pretty or match the paper perfectly. My goal was to just throw items together. Surprisingly, I'm please with how everything turned out.

These items are one-of-a-kind cards I also tossed together. I have no idea if anyone has the need to send a vacation card, but I made one because that suitcase was just too cool!

I'm bringing all of these cards, plus a bunch of other ones I had done previously, to the office on Monday and I'll be offering them up to co-workers for $2. I'm calling it the "Hey, you're cheap but not Dollar Store cheap" card sale.

Below are some sympathy cards I made a couple weeks ago. I forgot to take a photo until after I packaged them in their protective plastic shields and I was too lazy to take them back out. I mostly take the photos for my own records. Probably should make a better effort if I'm going to share them with you. Ha!

Below is a birthday card I made for my co-worker Julie. It did not come out like I'd hoped, but everyone seemed to like it.

And finally ... CATS!! Drew installed a storm/screen door last week and the cats really don't know what to make of it. They sit and stare out it for hours. This is only one of two times you'll see Sweetpea and Fuzzy sitting together without one of them pouncing on the other. (The other is when they're trying to catch that damn red dot!)

The first cat that puts it's claws into the screen I will murder and hang its body from the coat rack as an example to the others. I swear.

Other than that...HAPPY SATURDAY!!!