Friday, September 30, 2011

Mirabai Ceiba

A couple of weeks ago my yogini Theresa, I and several other students attended a musical event at the Auburn Public Theater featuring Mirabai Ceiba. Mirabai Ceiba is Markus & Angelika. This fascinating couple play "world devotional music blending Gurmukhi mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition with original songs in English and Spanish that reflect a Native American influence." Sounds complicated. What it is some of the most beautiful and peaceful music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. And I got to experience them live!

After the concert I purchased their newest CD "Awakened Earth" and it has become - hands down - my most favorite album ever. I listen to it almost every night. No matter what I'm doing - writing, editing, cardmaking, cooking, cleaning - it suits my mood. In the morning I try to listen to "Har Mukanday" before going to work so I'm filled with peace and joy before what will undoubtedly be a stressful day. And when the stress does hit, I hum it in my head to help eleviate some of that stress.

I shared my purchase with my yogini and she shared hers with mine along with other yoga music CDs from her collection. Together we have amassed quite a large range of world music. I already had a vast New Age collection which I adored. This expands it to greatly.

If you are interested in yoga music or just love beautiful music to play around the house or to go to sleep to, I highly suggest you check out Mirabai Ceiba.