Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Good Start

I have a new toy. A bowflex. I purchased it for a very good price from a co-worker. Drew & I both wanted it. Drew liked working out in the nautilus room at the Y last year and he's been looking forward to getting back to it. And I have to admit that I find it cute when he comes back after working out and says, "Check out the guns!" Cracks me up!

It's an intimidating piece of equipment. When I open the door to the front room I'm blown away by it. It looks like a torture device or a piece of equipment a dominatrix would envy. It's actually quite simple to use and very diverse. Thankfully it comes with this handy poster with the routine printed on it and it has photos of what to do.

So, the plan is each morning Drew & I will switch between who gets the bowflex and the treadmill. Hopefully this will help us get back into a healthier state and keep us out of the doctor's offices. It's Day One and I feel better already!