Saturday, May 30, 2015

Postcards From Tennessee

My parents moved to Tennessee when I was 25. As soon as the car was packed and they were gone, I proceeded to tell everyone that they abandoned me at a very early age. Given my sense of humor and the fact that I've never really grown up, most people laughed and agreed at the same time.

Despite the fact that I was sure Tennessee was just a "phase" they were going through, my parents have lived there for 20 years. 

There are perks to having parents who have moved to Tennessee. Especially when your sense of humor comes from your father. The below are the postcards that my father mailed to me as soon as they were settled. Unlike so many other things I've accumulated in my life (craft supplies, movie ticket stubs, husbands), I kept the postcards.

 This is the first in a series of Appalachian Life Cards. Collect them all. Trade them with your friends.
Love, Mom & Dad
P.S. Hi Jeff! Or whoever's carrying C-19.

Incidently, my father had worked at the Auburn Post Office and had a habit of writing notes to the carriers on the mail he sent me. So, if there's a name in here or a reference you don't get, then you're either a total stranger who stumbled on this or it's a coded message for the postman.

Mom could only find 9 cows. She says one is a bull. She never did find the tree.
Love, Mom & Dad

This guy looks an awful lot like the Mayor of Pigeon Forge.
Love, Mom & Dad

My father made another joke about my mother and her family on this postcard.  I'd have made a joke about the tree penis.  Either he missed it or purposely didn't mention it.  Probably the latter, because how could you miss that glorious tree penis!

Mom & I were going to see this movie, but we decided to wait for the video.
Love, Mom & Dad

There is a place for everyone in the Mountain Empire. I enjoyed the license plate and the bottle of Perrier on the bumper. Mom & I have a new standard to shoot for.
Love, Mom & Dad

Go stand on Grover St. someday and watch --- this is the way Larry DiCenza walks when he delivers the mail.
Love, Mom & Dad

If you give us a muffler for Christmas, give it to Mom. 
Mom and I are still arguing about the lamp in this picture. Mom says it's Elvis. I'd swear it is Bill Keough.
Love, Mom & Dad
P.S. This is the last card in the series.

It's too bad.  I loved getting these postcards.  So glad I kept them!  Thanks Daddy!!