Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Card Season!!!

It's Christmas Card Season!!  I haven't made many this year.  Not sure if I'll make as many as last year.  I'm kind of busy.  Doing what, I'm not sure, but it's not making cards.

The below Stacey and I made based on a card from someone's blog and I feel terrible I can't provide a link for it here.  It was an email and I deleted it after we made the cards.  Sorry!

The flower O doesn't make it sensible to put it in a standard envelope.  I'm too lazy to make a special envelope for it and I'm not about to just walk up to someone and say, "Here's your card" so I guess it's for me.  YAY!

I've made several of the below.

The snowflakes are made from sparkly paper from Stampin' Up.  It's fantastic paper!  Not a lot of glittery residue like with other papers.  It's hard to see (as always with my photos) but the background is embossed with Stampin Up's Holiday Frame, which is the same folder we used to make the corners of the top card.

That's it for cards today!